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The box

by laurie howland She put the memories in a box.She locked it.She tossed the key.To a place where she thought she could not get toShe then abandoned the box, precariously walking awayBut then unexpectedly, the box burst openIt was not from the key that… Continue Reading “The box”

The Ferocity of Love

by laurie howland  It can bear down on you like a stormWith gusts, hail and lighteningIt is aggressive at timesConsequently, it can feel brutalNot because it means to do you harmNo, it is simply fierce with its intensityA passion that ragesAnd grips your soulAs… Continue Reading “The Ferocity of Love”

The Cube

by alex walter One Solution,Many ways.Solving meMay Take Days. I stump some,But don’t fool others,Who do I appeal to?Sisters and their brothers. Some can solve me,Others can not.Place a bet.But not a lot. Many try,But can’t succeed.Lots of timeIs what you need. If you can solve me,That’s quite… Continue Reading “The Cube”

The Rainbow

by laurie howland The rainbow appears luminous in the skyAs it gently arches Like an umbrella overheadHolding back the cloudsLighting up the coldness of the rain It is promising of storms that will endBringing a sense of calm as we take in its splendid designYet other… Continue Reading “The Rainbow”


Poem by laurie howland Photo by Alex Walter He follows him like a lost puppy dogWhich he isHis masterHis best friendGrateful to greet him every morning But then you see the loss in his eyes When his master departs for the daySad, almost depressedIt is the… Continue Reading “Jake”

A Hot Buttered Mess

by laurie howland A hot buttered mess That is how one could describe her She is always late and always a mess Her hair Her clothes Her room being the worst Even her book bag Filled with old wrappers A stray sock How does… Continue Reading “A Hot Buttered Mess”

the cold

by laurie howland It is cold…his side of the bed. An empty cold not a winter cold. A lonely cold, the kind you feel when you are lost, afraid, unsure. A cold that no blanket can solve. She dare not rollover and look at… Continue Reading “the cold”

I have a therapist.

My Words

by laurie howland The ink hits the paper And the words begin to form Shapes, lines, dashes and dots The amazing beauty they bring As they come together Like an orchestra With its violins, oboes and drums All creating a cacophony  Of sound Of… Continue Reading “My Words”

I Belong

by laurie howland I belong in the fields of lilacs and lavenders Where the gentle breeze whispers through the grasses As the Sun shines bright over head The picture is breathtaking and inspiring For in this place of beauty and grace I find myself… Continue Reading “I Belong”