Tag: self reflection

The box

by laurie howland She put the memories in a box.She locked it.She tossed the key.To a place where she thought she could not get toShe then abandoned the box, precariously walking awayBut then unexpectedly, the box burst openIt was not from the key that… Continue Reading “The box”


The road in front of me

by laurie howland The road in front of me seems endlessNo end in sightAs I look around, I see vast fields of nothingnessYet I do not feel aloneNo loneliness grips my soulFor I am not frightened, worried or anxiousThe journey ahead no longer scares… Continue Reading “The road in front of me”

The Examined Life

Poem and photo by Laurie Howland How often do we look at ourselves closely Not to notice every pore or every wrinkle But to notice every fine line of who we are How often do we go through the course of a day Fulfilling… Continue Reading “The Examined Life”