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by laurie howland “Help me,” she said softlyHer voice so gentle and lowYet so pleading“Sure, sweat heart,’ I repliedAnd bent down to assist.I could smell her as I got closerShe smelled of love and happinessAnd it showed on her face.A smile as big as… Continue Reading “Happiness”

The Ferocity of Love

by laurie howland  It can bear down on you like a stormWith gusts, hail and lighteningIt is aggressive at timesConsequently, it can feel brutalNot because it means to do you harmNo, it is simply fierce with its intensityA passion that ragesAnd grips your soulAs… Continue Reading “The Ferocity of Love”

The Path

by laurie howland To dream of a different path One with less sorrows Less roots to stumble over With fewer ledges that drop off A path that can be challenging But comes with breathtaking views One that isn’t walked alone But with a friend… Continue Reading “The Path”

the cold

by laurie howland It is cold…his side of the bed. An empty cold not a winter cold. A lonely cold, the kind you feel when you are lost, afraid, unsure. A cold that no blanket can solve. She dare not rollover and look at… Continue Reading “the cold”