Poetry is an emotion…

Robert Frost

Sunflower and the bee

by Alex Walter


I Belong

by laurie howland

I belong in the fields of lilacs and lavenders
Where the gentle breeze whispers through the grasses
As the Sun shines bright over head
The picture is breathtaking and inspiring
For in this place of beauty and grace
I find myself

My eyes take in the splendor the flowers display
Their purple petals weave a lush blanket of beauty
And the warmth of the bright day comforts them 
and me
As the cool breeze whispers the gentleness of life

The openness of the field is like my heart 
Vast and free
And I smile with the awareness 
That I get to enjoy this
All of it

I inhale again
As I close my eyes
And tilt my head back
I welcome the warmth of the Sun on my face
And release a sigh
For this is good
And this is where I belong

Jake and Ella

by alex walter