Category: poetry

I Belong

by laurie howland I belong in the fields of lilacs and lavenders Where the gentle breeze whispers through the grasses As the Sun shines bright over head The picture is breathtaking and inspiring For in this place of beauty and grace I find myself… Continue Reading “I Belong”

The Whispers of My Wild Heart

by laurie howland The whispers of my wild heart are faint Barely audible If I strain, I can hear them Though I can’t hear their words I know they exist I struggle to understand what it is they are conveying So quietly, so meekly… Continue Reading “The Whispers of My Wild Heart”

The Paper Always Listens

by Laurie Howland The paper always listens It’s always there for you To take the weight of your words  In whatever form you string them along The reflection of your emotions Your thoughts Your truths The paper always listens To all the chaos running… Continue Reading “The Paper Always Listens”


by laurie howland My bags are heavy They tend to weigh me down I have to walk a bit slower Stopping every once in a while to rest I think about dropping them Of letting them go And starting all over with new stuff… Continue Reading “Baggage”