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Poem by laurie howland Photo by Alex Walter He follows him like a lost puppy dogWhich he isHis masterHis best friendGrateful to greet him every morning But then you see the loss in his eyes When his master departs for the daySad, almost depressedIt is the… Continue Reading “Jake”

A Hot Buttered Mess

by laurie howland A hot buttered mess That is how one could describe her She is always late and always a mess Her hair Her clothes Her room being the worst Even her book bag Filled with old wrappers A stray sock How does… Continue Reading “A Hot Buttered Mess”

The Glass Cracked

by laurie howland The glass cracked Under the pressure  From the stress Compromising her structural integrity It spread like a spider web Fanning out into all aspects of her life It was like veins with blood pulsing through it Taking the pain to all… Continue Reading “The Glass Cracked”

The Power of Silence

by laurie howland They say silence can be deafening But what does that mean That in its quietness it brings an intensity Like dynamite blasting through a hillside Or the scream of a woman in labor Or a child crying out of loneliness Yes,… Continue Reading “The Power of Silence”

The Path

by laurie howland To dream of a different path One with less sorrows Less roots to stumble over With fewer ledges that drop off A path that can be challenging But comes with breathtaking views One that isn’t walked alone But with a friend… Continue Reading “The Path”

How Did We Get Here

by laurie howland How did we get here Was it by train Or a slow walk I can’t recall How did we decide Which fork to take Which turn to make Which bridge to cross How did we swim The rough waters The turbulent… Continue Reading “How Did We Get Here”

My Words

by laurie howland The ink hits the paper And the words begin to form Shapes, lines, dashes and dots The amazing beauty they bring As they come together Like an orchestra With its violins, oboes and drums All creating a cacophony  Of sound Of… Continue Reading “My Words”

Ask Me My Age

by laurie howland Ask me my age Oh, I will tell you I do not fear being judged Do I look older than the number I give you Is it cause I failed to take care of myself Or was I not blessed with… Continue Reading “Ask Me My Age”


by laurie howland The dial turns slowly And no matter how many times it clicks The static still comes through The static The noise of nothingness Can you hear this The unwanted sound Of vibrations filling the air Breaking the silence More than audible… Continue Reading “Frequency”

The Examined Life

Poem and photo by Laurie Howland How often do we look at ourselves closely Not to notice every pore or every wrinkle But to notice every fine line of who we are How often do we go through the course of a day Fulfilling… Continue Reading “The Examined Life”