Into Your Cells

by laurie howland

It moves past your heart
You can feel it
Sometimes it even steals your breath
Claiming the air in your lungs as its own
The feeling
The deep emotion
Moves into your cells
And once it is there
Occupying you at your core
You cannot discard it
Nor ignore it or move past it
For it is part of you
If you were to look into a mirror
You could see it
In your eyes
In your expression
The wrinkles that mark your face
For it has taken up residence in your soul
If you quiet yourself
And let yourself be
You can sense it moving through your veins
No, it isn’t a disease
Though we often fall victim to such things
No, this is all the things that make you- You
For only you have all these things
Coursing through your body
It is all the memories
The emotions
The fears
The hopes
The sadness
The joys
All of it is in your cells
For it is life
It is your life
It is you

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