The Ferocity of Love

by laurie howland

It can bear down on you like a storm
With gusts, hail and lightening
It is aggressive at times
Consequently, it can feel brutal
Not because it means to do you harm
No, it is simply fierce with its intensity
A passion that rages
And grips your soul
As it longs for the other
The need, desire so strong
You cannot stray from its path
As it leaves you gasping for air
Your heart races
As it pummels its way in
It is unyielding
As it settles
You are left drenched in its effects
Shaken and in awe
Eventually, you give way to the acceptance
That the mighty gusts of emotions that you feel
Are not to be feared
Or pushed away
Or rejected
No, you realize that
Although the pressure
Was at first too strong
Cause it moved in deep
And wrapped itself around you
Like a blanket
It formed a connection
Of lust
Of love
And for these reasons
You look for the storm to no longer rage
Inside you
But to quiet down
And give you peace
For the ferocity of love
Is in its moving in
Not of its residence
A love that makes your heart whole
A love that pierces your soul

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