The Rainbow

by laurie howland

The rainbow appears luminous in the sky
As it gently arches 
Like an umbrella overhead
Holding back the clouds
Lighting up the coldness of the rain
It is promising of storms that will end
Bringing a sense of calm as we take in its splendid design
Yet other times our rainbow
Can appear quite dull
Lackluster in its saturation
Its sharpness
As if the painter was too tired or too dreary
To brush the sky with the feeling of auspicious times
Or maybe her palette was running low
Or she choose a different one
To reflect her mood
Her intensity
Our rainbow is often painted in hues of brightness
A symbol of peace that is arriving
Ending the storms and returning balance
Other times it is more subdued
For the storm is not quite over
Life has a way of adding its own color
Before you even know the brush is out
Adding a stroke of blue or yellow
Or a gray that covers the whole canvass
If our colors are too dull can there be a rainbow?

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