My Words

by laurie howland

The ink hits the paper
And the words begin to form
Shapes, lines, dashes and dots
The amazing beauty they bring
As they come together
Like an orchestra
With its violins, oboes and drums
All creating a cacophony 
Of sound
Of beauty
Of magic
Letters are the instruments
That form the words
To carry the rhythm of my soul
They are my words
My meaning
My expression of who I am
What I feel
And what I think
Their weight on the paper
Is heavy
With reflection
Or gratitude
So many varying emotions
The words can express
As each line forms
A letter
To form a message
A thought or a feeling
They are all mine
And I love them
They need not be perfect
Award winning
Some may find them odd
Or boring
Oh, what a bold word choice 
They may say
Oh, heavens, she makes no sense
When she uses the word cacophony
But all those judgements
Do not matter
For they are my words
To release
In whatever order I choose
My words
My stringing together
Of lines to form letters
To form meaning
My meaning

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