Ask Me My Age

by laurie howland

Ask me my age
Oh, I will tell you
I do not fear being judged
Do I look older than the number I give you
Is it cause I failed to take care of myself
Or was I not blessed with good genes
Maybe you think I look younger
Either way the wrinkles are there
The gray hair mixes in with the brown
The knees creak a little more
But I do not fear telling you my age
You see, I where it like a badge
A badge of wisdom
Years of growth and learning
Years of trials and mistakes
They are my years
The time that has given me my stories 
My memories
And all the experiences are wrapped up now
In my wisdom
To share
And each new birthday
Brings a reminder of another year
That I have been able to grow and learn
So ask me my age 
And I will gladly tell you
Just don’t ask me my weight

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