by laurie howland

The dial turns slowly
And no matter how many times it clicks
The static still comes through
The static
The noise of nothingness
Can you hear this
The unwanted sound
Of vibrations filling the air
Breaking the silence
More than audible
For it fills your mind with images
It is cacophony of vibrations that fills the ears
And colors the mind with nothingness
It doesn’t seem to go away
No matter how many times
You change the channel
Or keep turning the knob
Hoping for something else
For music
For words
For a song to fill your heart
Words to inspire you, lift you
Something more pleasant
Every once in a while you can hear a voice
Behind the static
But it isn’t clear
Is there nothing on
Is the universe only made of this noise
This pressure traveling into your mind
Where are the melodies
The harmonies
The notes
The songs
The beats
The rhythms
The beauty
All you get is static
One turn after another
And not until you look
Really look
Not at the dial
But at what you are doing
Do you realize
You are not on any frequency
A no man’s world
Where there is only inconvenience
And not until you stop blindly turning
Stop a hopeless search
Do you become aware of it
Notice it
And when you change
Change your frequency
Do you find it
The melody
The harmony
The beauty
Your song

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