The Whispers of My Wild Heart

by laurie howland
The whispers of my wild heart are faint
Barely audible
If I strain, I can hear them
Though I can’t hear their words
I know they exist
I struggle to understand what it is they are conveying
So quietly, so meekly
Oh, Whispers how I do wish you were louder
So, that I may grasp what it is you are trying to tell me
But, alias, I cannot hear you nor understand the faint message you carry
For my heart once exuded excitement, curiosity and courage
It lead me to discover, enjoy and celebrate aspects of myself
That made me unique, joyful and purposeful
Now my heart is entrapped by the scars and bonds
Of vulnerability, shame, pain and loss
It does not sing for me
Or the passions of my soul
Instead it stands guarded 
Armored against more scars that life may produce
And joy seems foreboding
The potential for more loss is simply too much, I fear
So, the whispers of my wild heart are too soft
And maybe if I were to break from the bonds that hold me down, 
Preventing me from living
The whispers wouldn’t be so faint
And my wild heart could speak louder then all the scars

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