The Paper Always Listens

by Laurie Howland
The paper always listens
It’s always there for you
To take the weight of your words 
In whatever form you string them along
The reflection of your emotions
Your thoughts
Your truths

The paper always listens
To all the chaos running through your head
The fears
The hopes
The dreams 
It is there

The paper always listens
It never shuts you down
Tells you are rambling 
Or that your words make no sense
It accepts whatever you have to say
No matter what you need to express

The paper always listens
Even when others won’t
Or can’t
Or when you are unable or afraid to share your voice
It becomes your friend
Your confident
Your counselor
A reflection of your soul

The paper always listens
And as the words it carries are strung together
If we are quite enough
We might hear it speak back to us
In the revelation of our truths
Ones we didn’t know there there
Till the paper heard us

The paper always listens
With an ear to take in 
What we desperately need to release
For it listens at times
When the rest of world isn’t

The paper always listens 

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