The Glass Cracked

by laurie howland

The glass cracked
Under the pressure 
From the stress
Compromising her structural integrity
It spread like a spider web
Fanning out into all aspects of her life
It was like veins with blood pulsing through it
Taking the pain to all parts of her heart
Impacting her soul

She doesn’t recall when the crack first appeared
Though she had felt it for a long time
She had gotten good at ignoring it
Denying its existence
Till it became too obvious
Years of suffering, loneliness and sadness
The sheer emotional breakage was too much 
And the glass cracked

She knew it was going to shatter
Her hopes
Her dreams
Her heart
Leaving her exposed
For the glass had been her fortress
And now she lay bare
Unprotected from the elements
The judgement
The pain
The heartache

But she knew she wouldn’t replace the glass
Repair or try to mend the cracks
No, they were her scars
Wounds from her struggles
The glass cracked
Forcing her to face the truth
Come to terms with her story
Allowing her heart to heal
Her soul to strengthen’
With no need for armor
Or guards

The glass cracked
And set her free

The Power of Silence

by laurie howland

They say silence can be deafening
But what does that mean
That in its quietness it brings an intensity
Like dynamite blasting through a hillside
Or the scream of a woman in labor
Or a child crying out of loneliness
Yes, silence can be deafening
For in its lack of a shrill, a screech or a whisper
It conveys a weight unlike anything else
Yet, silence can be golden
When the heaviness of its message
Conveys something deeper
Then a hug, a smile or any words could
Silence is golden
When it brings peace into 
Your heart, your mind and your soul
And it allows you to simply enjoy
The moment and bask in its purity
Silence can bring a loneliness
That isn’t always sad or uneasy
But like the warmth of a blanket on a cold night
Silence can be more powerful 
than any words ever spoken
A profound reticence
For it elicits at times 
The deepest and rawest of emotions
A quietude that stills the heart
A hush that brings a gentle breeze to the soul
Oh, the power of silence
Use it wisely

The Path

by laurie howland

To dream of a different path

One with less sorrows

Less roots to stumble over

With fewer ledges that drop off

A path that can be challenging

But comes with breathtaking views

One that isn’t walked alone

But with a friend

Who offers love and guidance

A path that winds through life

Up hills and down into valleys

One that never ceases to amaze

That is what I  dream 

And I dream it with you

Love yourself…

photo credit: laurie howland


by alex walter